IM BREAKING THIS DOWN INTO 2 PARTS : 1&21 Art. 2 Philosophy Behind

The PiecePart 1. :Title : American Spirit Size : 24×40 & 36x60Medium: mixed media on canvas with varnishSub-straight: canvasMethod : silkscreen and hand painted original 1 of 1Availability : I will try my best to get this up on the website this month , I have to burn screens first. Then take some process shots and so on.Pricing : TBD there will very limited availability and 2 prices the large size and the smaller size.Part 2:I thought long and hard about this idea and I have been playing around with it for over 2 years. I then decided it’s not about where we have been as a Nation and a people , it’s about where we can go and how we can heal and that for me the American Buffalo or Bison is Who we are , it symbolizes the resilience of a nation literally unmatched on this continent with no natural predator other than ( HUMANS) the buffalo’s strength represents so much to so many people across cultural boundaries.We all know the bad and darkness in mans heart, we have collectively agreed to disagree on almost everything , and I’m saying here we are on the same ground our forefathers fought and died over and yet we still are divided. The longer we fight each other the more time they will exert control and power over us… this land is our land and we are meant to be free and boundless remember that.

Yours Truly


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