If you are going to take the most valuable thing in this world (time) and spend it on creating something make damn sure it is the best piece that you are able to create at that moment .. execute at full bore 100% don’t leave anything in the gas tank.. there are no second chances or do overs .. no chance to climb the impossible summit again. these movement this time is all we have to prove we were alive.. and we lived a life worth living ..made it count.. you can hate everything I have ever made.. but I know I never gave less than everything I had within me.. this is what I choose to live with each piece as an expression of my life force.. pure jet fuel in my veins.. boys and girls .. yeah it’s 21:42 and I appreciate i am not the one staying in the god dammn the place for making and testing 0.01% probability . This is the reason I leave the retire Nantong , and stack ShenZhen. Yeah,Mostly true world it sucks, you will love it.

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